World’s Most Beautiful Small Towns

1) Burano


Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy. Like Venice itself, it could more correctly be called an archipelago of four islands linked by bridges.

2) Cala Dogana


3) Cappadocia, Turkey


Lying in south central Turkey, the moonscaped region of Cappadocia, southeast of Ankara, is most famous for unique geological features called fairy chimneys. The large, cone-like formations were created over time by erosion of the relatively soft volcanic ash around them. Past cultures have dug into them to create dwellings, castles and used as hiding places by early Christians.

4) Beautiful Villages in Wuyuan, China

Beautiful Villages in Wuyuan

Wuyuan County is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province. Wuyuan ancient villages have the reputation of “the most beautiful villages in China”. Wuyuan County is consists of several small and fancy villages, including Jiangwan, Xiaoqi, Likeng, Wankou, Rainbow Bridge Ancient Towns, etc. Each year in spring especially from late march to early May, Wuyuan welcomes its best season for tourism.

5) Cemoro Lawang


Cemoro Lawang (also known as Cemorolawang, Cemora Lawang or Cemara Lawang) is a very small hamlet north-east of Mount Bromo (East Java), Indonesia.

6) Colmar


Colmar is a town in the Alsace region of northeastern France, near the border with Germany. Its old town has cobblestone streets lined with half-timbered medieval and early Renaissance buildings.

7) Damüls


Damüls is a municipality and popular tourism resort in the district of Bregenz in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg. Damüls also holds the world record of the municipality with the most annual snowfall in Europe – the average is 9.30 meters per year.

8) Hallstatt


The village Hallstatt is such an unbelievably spectacular place that even the Chinese have created a copy of the ancient salt mine village. But only in the original will you discover this truly unique culture with such a history all in a breath-taking mountain setting.

9) Reine


Reine is a fishing village and the administrative centre of the municipality of Moskenes in Nordland county, Norway.

10) Jiuzhaigou – The Hidden Village


Jiuzhaigou (Valley of Nine Fortified Villages) is a nature reserve and national park located in the north of Sichuan province, China. Jiuzhaigou Valley is part of the Min Mountains on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau. It is known for its many multi-level waterfalls, colorful lakes, and snow-capped peaks

11) Molyvos


Molyvos is a town and former municipality on the island of Lesbos, North Aegean, Greece.

12) Mosel


The Moselle is a river flowing through France, Luxembourg, and Germany. It is a left tributary of the Rhine, which it joins at Koblenz. A small part of Belgium is also drained by the Moselle through the Sauer and the Our.

13) Qaqortoq


Qaqortoq is a town in southern Greenland. It is well-connected with the surrounding South Greenlandic landscape that is full of adventure opportunities, and especially, when out on a boat the region really seems to open up

14) Riomaggiore


Riomaggiore is a village and comune in the province of La Spezia, situated in a small valley in the Liguria region of Italy. The town climbs up along the ridges overlooking the sea and it is characterized from the typical stone houses with coloured façades and slate-roofs.

15) San Marino


San Marino is a mountainous microstate surrounded by Italy. Among the world’s oldest republics, it retains much of its historic architecture. On the slopes of Monte Titano sits the capital, also called San Marino, known for its medieval walled old town and narrow cobblestone streets.

16) Vang Vieng


Vang Vieng is a tourist-oriented town in Laos in Vientiane Province about four hours bus ride north of the capital. The town lies on the Nam Song River. The most notable feature of the area is the karst hill landscape surrounding the town.

17) Verona


Verona is a city in northern Italy’s Veneto region famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” It’s home to a 14th-century house said to have “Juliet’s balcony,” even though the building’s connection to the play is fictional. Verona is also famed for its grand Arena, a 1st-century Roman amphitheater still hosting concerts and an annual opera festival.

18) yangshuo


Yangshuo is a popular tourist county and city near Guilin, Guangxi. The small city is surrounded by karst mountains, winding rivers and beautiful scenery. It serves as a fantastic base camp for further exploration.



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