Christmas Videos to Watch on YouTube

1) Coca Cola Christmas Truck

A classical coke commercial, which will definitely remind you of your childhood. Watch it and feel the New Year right on the spot.

2) Cartier – Winter Tale

This elegant video seems to come from the twenties, from Jazz Age and its finesse to our modern word.

3) Apple iPhone Christmas commercial

You know that Christmas and New Year are family holidays. This family video is unbelievably touching, it tells us about love, tolerance and friendship.

4) Animals sing “12 Days of Christmas”

This is a nice compilation of funny videos with animals from all over the world.

5) Disney’s Frozen Teaser Trailer

This is a humorous and amazing trailer, which will make you laugh out loud.

6) Christmas Elephants

Sweet elephants, celebrating new year.

7) The Big Bang Theory – Jingle Bells

Love watching “The Bing Bang Theory”? Sheldon and his friends played “Jingle Bells” with real bells. See how they match the exact rhythm. Still, they are so logical, even at Christmas!

8) Christmas Night from Love Actually

It is the best Christmas movie and this is the most romantic Clip from it. You’ll really gonna enjoy this video.

9) Kids & Christmas

Children are always creative, especially when they give definitions. Watch how they define Christmas.

10) Christmas Eve – Short-Film

A mysterious tale about a boy, who spied for Santa.

11) Train – Shake Up Christmas

A popular clip of a well-known song “Shake up Christmas” by Train. Watch, get the Christmas mood and yes, start dancing!

12) Funny Christmas Video

Enjoy this funny Christmas video. Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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